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Accutane is one of the best known acne treatments on the market. It goes under various different names, however, it is known as the most extreme and needed product on the market for hard cases of acne including those that fall outside of acne vulgaris. It is the only accepted treatment for most of those that fall outside of acne vulgaris, especially those cases with severe scarring.


It does work. It essentially stops excess or any oil production in some cases, and it stops your face from producing acne and otherwise problems in many cases. Many have actually seen greater success with this product, and it has come recommended to some degree for various reasons.


Unfortunately, it comes with quite a few different side effects, and frankly it doesn’t work for everybody. Stopping all oil production does not necessarily stop acne. Your body needs oils both in the skin and other areas of the body such as the joints. They need to be cushioned, and it could cause premature aging. The dry skin is quite frankly the least of your problems in general terms. It can cause serious birth defects, and it can even cause severe depression, hallucinations, and various other problems that remain unnamed at this time.


We would not recommend using Accutane. Even in extreme cases, the side effects are extreme to say the least. That doesn’t even really begin to cover it. You would be sorely mistaken to think that this product would cure every case of acne, or frankly if it did that it would come without a price. Many have already come to regret their decision to buy Accutane, and you would only be joining them.

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