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One of the most popular Proactiv alternatives, Acjuva has been called “Proactiv on steroids.” But they claim that they don’t use benzoyl peroxide, alcohols, parabens, or other harmful substances in general. They claim to provide a completely natural and gentle approach that is nonetheless extremely effective to say the least.


They have the right ingredients. They have all natural ingredients such as tea tree oil which will work as antiseptics while reducing excess oil production, supplementing the skin, and otherwise taking care of you in general. They promise you greater results, and they seem to come through with the formula considered.


A 3 step formula takes time. Some are looking for something completely easy to fit into their formula and day in general, and frankly this just doesn’t fit the bill. It is still fast, just not as fast as some would like.


We would recommend that you check out Acjuva to see if it fits your needs in general. It is not necessarily for everyone. But it can definitely provide results for those who do find it appropriate to their needs.

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