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Actimine is an all natural acne fighter that apparently can be purchased with results in general. They talk about acne in general and cite pubmed, university of Maryland, and reference to acne vulgaris and common treatments such as vitamin A in various forms. Then they talk about their apparent main ingredients.


They do use vitamin A, which has been known to increase skin cell turnover and in the form of Accutane of course reduce oil production or eliminate it. In addition, they use zinc, which has also been shown to improve acne and improve your skin in general. They also have a 180 day money back guarantee.


They don’t have any actual supplement facts or full ingredients list. They have a link to supplement facts, but it goes to an FAQ page which really doesn’t tell you anything about ingredients. Obviously, they are hiding small amounts and ingredients in general that don’t produce results. We would have to even doubt that they have vitamin A and zinc in the first place.


We would not recommend using Actimine. It may come from Progressive Health. But its approaches are by no means actually progressive. Actimine really has no potential to produce greater results in acne fighting and can cause quite a few problems. It would be advisable to try something else.

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