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Benzaclin is actually based around benzoyl peroxide. It is a prescription treatment using a 5% concentration of benzoyl peroxide and apparently provides visible results within just 2 weeks. They target cases in guys who apparently have more severe and longer lasting breakouts, and they also provide you with the information that you need and a $15 rebate card.


They do have a proven ingredient in the form of benzoyl peroxide even in a proven amount. This product has been shown to give you a certain number of results in general, and frankly some customers have come out quite happy in general. They make quite a few claims and the prescription status helps.


Benzoyl peroxide is found in various over the counter products as well in this exact concentration, and quite frankly you pay a lot less. Moreover, it can cause various irritations to the skin and other side effects in general. This all means that obviously Benzaclin is not exactly worth your month or otherwise does it give you the results you are looking for in general.


We would not recommend using Benzaclin. It is a cheap rip off to say the least, and it doesn’t give you anything that you should realistically be looking for. With Benzaclin, you will only experience side effects and quite frankly spend way too much as compared to what you would need to spend. We would advise against it at this time.

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