Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide

Product Description

Benzoyl peroxide is currently the most popularly used acne product and ingredient on any market. It kills bacteria in the pores and gives you effects that are cheap and affordable among other things. Many have found it to be easy to apply as well as of course cheap both for manufacturer and in many cases consumer. If you want something cheaper, you have options.


Frankly, you can find competition to say the least, and the $5 product you find at the grocery store often rivals much more expensive product, giving you greater value in general. You can also find it by itself in the grocery store for a few bucks if even that in general terms. It is proven to be effective against the majority of cases of acne in general.


It is often more expensive than it need be, and moreover actually it causes quite a few side effects. It can cause burning, itching, redness, peeling, sun sensitivity, and various other problems in addition to that. It doesn’t always clear acne, in fact many times it does not, and many have regretted using it.


We would not recommend benzoyl peroxide or products with benzoyl peroxide in general. It often doesn’t provide the results you are expecting, and it comes with a number of differing side effects for most users. There have been quite a few complaints, and we have not frankly seen many good things said about it in general.

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