Clear X

Clear X

Product Description

Clear X is a spray on acne treatment that is meant to be used after you have washed your face with something effective and then patted it dry. They claim that it will discourage future breakouts using natural ingredients including a “70 mineral complex.” They sell a 2 oz bottle each time, and it will apparently make that final difference.


They don’t have any irritants, which means that your skin will not be red, irritated, or otherwise. This is not too bad, and frankly the price is fairly reasonable considering the prices of the competition. It is not complicated, and it is used with relative ease.


They also lack any active wrinkle fighting ingredients at all. And frankly using a “70 mineral complex” is only meant to hide the real ingredients and a full ingredients list in general. Frankly, most of the “spray” gets lost in the air between the bottle and the face anyway. But this obviously doesn’t help anything, especially considering there are no active acne fighting ingredients in the first place.


We would not recommend using Clear X. It doesn’t provide the results you are looking for, and it can be quite harmful to the skin in general. Clear X is full of the appearance of something different, but it’s so different because it’s entirely ineffective. There’s no reason to use this formula.

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