DDF Pumice Acne Scrub

DDF Pumice Acne Scrub

Product Description

DDF stands for Doctor’s Dermatological Formula. It is a well known company that has taken a step above others, and their Pumice Acne Scrub is said to be one of the best products available for acne fighting, or at least by them. They claim that it will produce the results you want without the hassle.


They have a proven ingredient known as benzoyl peroxide, and they come from a huge conglomerate. They sell in department stores across the country, and yet they actually have a fairly reasonable price.


They don’t actually have any practical products or rather ingredients. They use literally the most common acne fighter out there, and then they expect you to pay more for it than frankly you should be paying at this point. It has nothing original and will just irritate your skin.


We would not recommend using DDF Pumice Acne Scrub. It doesn’t have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or really anything else that should impress you if you know what you’re looking for. It’s simply not possible to see greater results with this product, or at least not without completely unnecessary side effects.

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