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DermaPure combines multiple approaches to create the apparent perfect acne fighting formula in general. They claim it is designed to treat your acne from every direction and correct dysfunction. It uses a pill as well as an external cleanser among other things such as a purifying bar using natural ingredients.


They use completely natural ingredients such as patchouli, lemonbalm, and lavender. These won’t irritate the skin unless you are allergic, and chances are they will even moisturize and basically soothe the skin from past irritations.


These ingredients are not active acne fighting ingredients. They don’t provide the results you are looking for, and quite frankly DermaPure isn’t made up of anything special. We can guarantee that they have unnamed preservatives and otherwise that will actually irritate and damage the skin in general.


We would not recommend buying DermaPure. It doesn’t have the right ingredients, let alone does it have the right amounts. The ingredients they showcase are all natural, but frankly we wouldn’t doubt if they use not so natural preservatives and other harmful elements in general. This is a common practice, unfortunately all too common.

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