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A prescription acne treatment, Differin claims that you can get the results you want if you apply it correctly. It is meant for mild to moderate acne breakouts, and they give you various information about acne, about Differin, about finding a dermatologist, etc.


They do have a proven mechanism of action as do all prescriptions. They are one of the few to use an ingredient known as adapalene, which is more powerful than benzoyl peroxide and generally produces easy results. They have a free trial that does not lead to an auto ship as you actually need a prescription, and it’s supposed to give you a clear advantage.


They do not have really great ingredients. Adapalene does work for some. But in others it causes greater breakouts. Moreover, they actually know it causes various side effects generally similar to benzoyl peroxide, but in some cases they are actually worse than benzoyl peroxide.


We would not recommend using Differin. It doesn’t have the right stuff, and it comes with strings attached to be quite honest. It goes down a couple skin levels. But just like various others, it really doesn’t get to the source. You would be better off using something else.

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