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Introducing a 3 step program to fight your acne, HealthyPores is predicated on the idea of using all natural and gentle ingredients outside of benzoyl peroxide to fight your acne and give you the results you are looking for in general. HealthyPores claims to give you exceptional results at an exceptional price.


They do have salicylic acid and tea tree oil. These are great ingredients. They effectively fight acne in the right concentrations, and they are capable of doing it without causing side effects or irritation in general. In a study on tea tree oil, only one person experienced allergic reactions or problems at all. That is essentially amazing. These can also be soothing to the skin.


They have a high price to say the least at $89.95 per order. And frankly they don’t actually use the right concentrations of each ingredient, which is the second half of the battle. HealthyPores therefore is completely useless despite a good appearance at first glance, and we would really like to know about the preservatives that could cause side effects.


We would not recommend using HealthyPores. It doesn’t have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or realistically anything else. It will only disappoint and give you greater problems in general terms. HealthyPores is not made for success, and you will find this out unfortunately the hard way should you try this product.

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