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Metrogel is most often used as a rosacea treatment. However, it has also been used to treat conditions such as shingles in some cases. Acne rosacea is essentially redness, irritation, and with certain bumps it can actually be commonly mistaken for acne vulgaris. It is caused by a bacterial infection and usually sets in around age 30. There is no known cure, only treatment.


Metrogel is a prescription product that does technically have a proven mechanism of action. It kills off bacteria at large, which means it could kill off general acne causing bacteria as well as that which would contribute to and cause acne rosacea breakouts as a whole.


Metrogel causes quite a few side effects. Ironically, even though its job is to reduce redness and otherwise, it actually causes redness, irritation, peeling, drying, and otherwise problems that could be largely comparable to acne rosacea in the first place.


We would not recommend using Metrogel. It really works like a chemical peel in the fact that it burns everything in order to kill bacteria. This does kill bacteria, but it also kills skin cells and otherwise causes serious problems to say the least. You would realistically be better off trying something else.

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