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Oxycerin gives you claims about fighting your acne by apparently giving you the power of 5% tea tree oil. They compare it to benzoyl peroxide and place a clinical study up claiming it’s the first serum to use it, and frankly that it will clear away acne and blackheads for that matter in only a short period of time and this point in time.


They do have 5% tea tree oil. It has been around for centuries, and it has been through multiple studies on its effects on various things. However, it has also been compared directly to benzoyl peroxide in a study. They both showed slightly different, but about the same results. The difference was that in a 5% concentration, benzoyl peroxide showed a significant incidence of side effects, and tea tree oil showed one person who experienced side effects of any kind. Of course, allergic reactions are possible with anything. But it gives you the basic idea. Their other ingredients are equally as strong and complementary.


It is not a wash. So you do have to use a wash with it. But that’s not a really big damper for most.


We would definitely recommend using Oxycerin. It can work on its own while also complementing any product that it is combined with. Oxycerin is the best product for various needs, and it uses proven ingredients and methods of action. It may even repair past damage that you have suffered from other treatments such as benzoyl peroxide. It would definitely be the product to choose.

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