Product Description

Panoxyl is a prescription acne treatment that comes in a few different forms. It comes in variations of concentrations of the active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, going up to 10%, and it comes in bar form among others. It is a keratolytic agent with antibacterial actions, and it peels, dyes, and kills bacteria apparently to reduce acne.


The Panoxyl bar does work for some. Benzoyl peroxide in various concentrations has been known to kill bacteria, peel off layers in some ways, and otherwise get rid of acne in general. It has the right ingredients in other words to effectively fight various different cases of acne in various types and groups of individuals.


Benzoyl peroxide sometimes makes acne worse and doesn’t make it better. In addition, especially with higher concentrations, it actually causes skin irritation, inflamed or damaged skin, sunburns, bleaching, redness, irritation, and otherwise.


We would not recommend Panoxyl. In general terms, we would not recommend benzoyl peroxide based products. They don’t have the right ingredients or other elements in general, and they can always hurt the skin in various ways. Panoxyl just uses a higher concentrations than most do, making it a higher likelihood that you will experience side effects and not really results.

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