Peter Thomas Roth Acne Treatment

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Treatment

Product Description

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Treatment is sold through third party retailers, and it includes a max anti-shine mattifying gel, an acne spot treatment, an acne treatment, an oil free moisturizer, and an AHA/BHA acne clearing gel. It focuses on all natural ingredients and claims to soothe the skin.


They use vitamins such as vitamins C & E as well as aloe vera to soothe the skin, supplement it, reduce free radicals, and otherwise reduce acne and skin damage in general. These will give you various possible benefits that extend beyond various others in some cases.


They don’t have any real acne fighting ingredients. These ingredients are only meant to do so much, and with extremely small amounts to boot, it definitely won’t help anything to say the least. You will only have future problems in general that won’t go away over time, because they have so many preservatives and harsh chemicals anyway.


We would not recommend using this product. It doesn’t have the right stuff for your greater results and otherwise, and you will suffer various side effects. It’s not a good combination to say the least. There are plenty of other products that will work better and you can definitely try them for greater results and results in general.

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