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Sharkne is an acne pill that is said to have impressive clinical studies and greater results. They claim it will reduce oil to stop that horrible shine you hate, that it works on teenagers and adults, that it eliminates spots, pimples, redness, puss, blackheads, and whiteheads, that it reduces swelling and redness as well as scarring in a fast and effective way, and that it uses a natural acne treatment with no side effects.


They have all natural ingredients such as orange, rosemary, and green tea that could potentially fight acne by providing powerful antioxidant benefits in general. These particular ingredients generally won’t actually cause side effects and will give you completely safe results whether used internally or externally.


They do not use the proper amounts, and they really don’t use the best acne fighters used in internal supplements. Moreover, they use a number of diuretics, which means you actually will suffer side effects in general. However, diuretics do not get rid of acne and can in some ways make them worse along with making your skin worse as a whole.


We would not recommend using Sharkne. It doesn’t give you the results you are looking for, and it could be quite detrimental in general to your health, body, and skin. Sharkne will not give you any results at all in most cases, and quite frankly there are plenty of proven approaches for internal supplements. It would be helpful if Sharkne would actually use them.

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