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Thermaclear is a popular new product, because it gives you a small machine that uses tips and heat to kill zits. It basically applies an amount of heat in one concentrated spots to melt oils so that they will get out of the skin and also allow bacteria out for greater results in general. They claim that this will help you to see the results you are looking for.


Thermaclear has a small machine that does not have ingredients. Therefore you would not necessarily experience allergic reactions, you wouldn’t experience side effects like you would with benzoyl peroxide, and it works mostly as a spot treatment for those bigger zits.


Thermaclear is extremely expensive, literally costing hundreds of dollars to obtain. It does not actually work or have a proven mechanism of action in general. Thermaclear just imitates a real diet supplement quite frankly. This will not help you to get the results you are looking for or realistically anything else.


You would not see results with this formula or rather product. The tips can be easily covered in bacteria and therefore spread bacteria, and it really does not do anything but burn your skin with the heat it gives off. It has not been proven for a reason, it does not actually work. You would be far better off going with just about anything else.

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