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Triclear is a 3 step acne treatment that is an imitator of Proactiv essentially speaking. They claim to use an ingredient called inflacin to treat skin without causing irritation, pain, side effects, etc, and they use a “14 day trial” to draw consumers in to try and buy their product. After 14 days, you are sent a shipment that costs about $69.95.


As far as we can tell, they do not use benzoyl peroxide, which could harm the skin and do further damage in general. They, again as far as we can tell, do not use any harmful ingredients in general that would do greater damage and otherwise harm your chances of beautiful skin.


Then again, they really don’t use any useful ingredients either. They don’t list any of their ingredients, and they rely on a scam approach to sell their product. If they didn’t use a scam approach, you would never actually buy their product. After all, what’s really the use of buying a product that doesn’t produce any results at all? Nothing.


They make it obvious and not questionable that their product does not work. They have to draw you into a scam autoship to get you to even consider their product, and it’s presented as a “free trial offer.” Otherwise, you would never actually reorder. If you do cancel, you will still be charged for that first month, so much for free right? But then they don’t provide an ingredients list, and there are various other signs that it essentially won’t work.

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