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According to Vilantae, they can safely reduce the excess oils in your skin for an affect comparable to Accutane. The difference apparently is that they do not actually cause the associated side effects, which can of course be a huge part of the whole thing. They claim that their all natural formula will take a new approach to acne fighting and give you the results you want and need.


They work from the inside out. So that gives you the potential for greater success. You have to go from the inside to get at the true core of a problem. In addition, all of their ingredients are perfectly natural and moreover safe.


They don’t have any real acne fighters in general. They don’t provide results, and they definitely don’t reduce excess oil production. They only even claim to target one approach to the problem, when frankly that is only a small part of it. There are quite a few possible causes, all of them perfectly valid to say the least. But if you listen to Vilantae, there is only the one.


We would not recommend using Vilantae. It doesn’t show you the results you are looking for, and frankly it could do quite a bit of harm among other things. You would be better off using just about anything else, and we hope you do use something else.

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